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F-I Granite & Marble Inc FAQ


Q: How long does countertop installation take?

A: Every installation is unique, but most countertops can be installed within one day depending on the size of your kitchen or bathroom space. It’s also important to consider how long it will take to remove the existing countertop. If you’d like a time frame – please reach out to our experts

Q: How much do countertops cost?

A: The cost of your countertops will also vary. When you get in touch with our experts, we will book an on-site assessment and take accurate measurements of your countertop space. The cost of the installation will reflect the cost of the materials multiplied by how much is needed, plus the cost of installation. You can expect between 70 and 80 dollars per square foot.

Q: How do I prepare for a countertop installation?

A: The most important thing to do is designate an area to be your kitchen “stand-in”. This way you won’t be stuck paying for expensive meals out during the reno. So, create an area where you can prepare food to the best of your ability. Aside from that, we’ve got it covered!

Q: How long do bathroom countertops take to install?

A: While a full bathroom reno can take up to 23 days to complete, the countertops themselves shouldn’t take more than a few days at most.

Q: Do I need permits to install new countertops in my bathroom or kitchen?

A: You do not need a permit to install new countertops, but if you are changing your home’s existing footprint, electrical system or plumbing during a full reno you will.

F-I Granite & Marble Inc FAQ

Q: What types of countertop damage can be repaired?

A: All countertops can be repaired. Whether they’re ruptured, cracked, chipped, water damaged, or stained from chemicals or hot dishes.

Q: What counter materials can be repaired?

A: All of them, even chipped granite or quartz can be repaired. Concrete, butcher block, marble—we’ve fixed them all!

Q: Should I refinish or replace my countertops?

A: We recommend refinishing. You can update the look of your countertop for a low price. If you want a very big change though, you can go for replacing.

Q: What is the difference between cabinet resurfacing and refacing?

A: Resurfacing keeps the cabinet boxes, but replaces doors and decorative elements. Refacing simply means giving the visible surfaces a change with paint, stain, etc.

Q: How long does cabinet refacing last?

A: As long as you like! Refacing will last many years, until you decide you’d like a change, or there has been damage such as scratches or chipping that ruin the appearance.